Top 22 Hot Argumentative Essay Topics You Should Consider

An argumentative essay is the essay when 2 opinions are opposing each others. It is very important to cover all points of the argumentative essay. To know the pros and cons of the main topic, moreover, to know evidences of why this particular issue is good and why it is bad. Also it is favored to mention your personal opinion and with what opinion you tend to.

Here are top 22 hot argumentative essay topic s. You should read about them to prepare yourself:

  1. Organic food; is it really healthy or it is just myth?

  2. Refugees; shall rich countries open their borders to the refugees or it is better to keep the budget of these countries for its own citizens.

  3. The war in Syria, Shall the west interfere in Syria or not, why yes and why not?

  4. Facebook messenger. Does it violate the privacy of its users, or already that have agreed on giving it a permission to access to their private information.

  5. Increasing the taxes for the sake of increasing facilities for the citizens or the government should maintain facilities without increasing taxes.

  6. Unemployment benefit. To stop it or to continue? We recommend this site for some interesting opinions on this theme.

  7. Plastic surgery, is it necessary or wasting of money,

  8. Homosexual marriage, to legalize it or no ?

  9. Breastfeeding in public? with or against ? and why ?

  10. Child labor is it good to learn the skills in their childhood or this is a crime.

  11. University fees, shall they stop it or to continue?

  12. Exporting weapons to areas of conflicts, is it business or non ethical action?

  13. Mercy killing, it it really mercy or another form of crimes?

  14. Does freedom of speech extend to religious belief, with or against?

  15. Shall the world find another alternative to United Nations; does it show responsibility and commitment?

  16. Shall rich countries give finical donations to poor countries or better to invest their?

  17. Islamophobia, is Islam a real threat to the west or some people just exaggerate?

  18. Shall the governments stop financing non active churches or not?

  19. Legalization of marijuana? Why and why not?

  20. Some countries apply death penalty to specific crimes and other countries not applying, what do you think?

  21. Some governments allow abortion based on the wish of the mother and others not, what do you think?

  22. Fast food advertising in the school, is it good source of school income or it is sacrificing the health of the students for money ?

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