Attaining Effective Essay Writing Skills In 5 Simple Steps

Essay writing skills takes time and practice before you can perfect them. Many students panic when they get an assignment that involves creating an essay but the more you write these, the better you will get at them and the less you will panic. You must understand that you will be writing hundreds of essays before you end your scholastic career so you may as well learn the correct way first and then they will become easier as time goes on. Here are 5 simple steps to create an effective essay:

  1. Make sure your topic is not too broad and not too narrow. This is extremely important in order for you to write an essay that is understandable and thorough. If your topic is too broad, there is no way you can write a thorough essay because there is just too much information to cover. You also may not have a clear thesis statement if your topic is too broad. On the other hand, if your topic is too narrow, you won’t be able to find enough information to complete your thesis and you will just be frustrated.

  2. Develop your thesis statement as you do the research. Once you know your topic, you still have to decide what you want to say about your topic so you should just start researching. As you research more and more, what you want to discuss will become clear. Keep researching until you have a topic statement. Once you have figured out what your thesis statement is going to be, then you can narrow down your research to just include information on that.

  3. Create an outline. Many people want to skip this step but that is the biggest mistake you can make. This is the roadmap to creating a great essay or any type of writing you will do in your career. Get use to creating these so you can create writings that flow well and are organized.

  4. Write your rough draft using your outline. Once you have done this, show your work to someone that you trust. Listen to what they say and make sure you seriously consider any changes they think you should make.

  5. Edit your work for grammar and spelling errors thoroughly. Don’t skip this step either because you don’t want to lose points needlessly.

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