How Do You Write A Good 7th Grade Personal Narrative Essay?

Students will often be required to write a personal narrative essay at some point during their education. In fact, students will often be required to write something like this when they are in or around seventh grade. Therefore, if you are around this age, and you need to write one of these academic papers, then you may be wondering exactly what you need to do. The following will provide a brief guide to give you a better understanding of how to approach this kind of work.

Deciding what to write about

Before you can start writing your work, you will first need to think of a topic or title for your paper. Of course, in order to do this, you will need to understand what a personal narrative essay actually is. Essentially, this kind of academic paper will require you to choose a topic that is related to you in some way, and then discuss it in an almost story -like fashion. For example, you may decide to write about a particular event that happened, such as your first day at school. Alternatively, you may wish to write about something that is more abstract in its nature, such as a dream that you had.

Unless you have been given specific instructions relating to what you should write about, you will be free to think of any relevant and appropriate topic. Therefore, you should think about and experience that you would like to write about which was personal to you.

Planning the work

Generally, you will need to write this form of academic paper using chronological order, which means relating to the different aspects of the event as they occur in time. Therefore, it is particularly useful to plan this form of academic paper, so that you know which details you need to describe. Ultimately, if you do not plan the work, then you will often find that you will forget any important details, and it will simply make it more difficult to write in the long run. Furthermore, the quality of the work will often be diminished if you do not plan it properly.

Checking the work

Once you have written your paper, it is important that you check what you have written. Not only do you want to ensure that it makes sense, but you should also keep an eye out for any spelling or grammatical errors.


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