10 Must-Know Tips On Writing A One-Page Essay

If you are tasked with writing a one page essay, below are 10 must-know tips that will make it easier:

  • Tip 1: Pick your topic. Sometimes you are assigned a topic and other times you have the freedom to choose as you will.
  • Tip 2: Compile a list of what you know about your topic and what you need to know. The things you do not yet know should constitute the basis of your research. Remember that you want to anticipate questions that the reader will ask.
  • Tip 3: Create a thesis statement. This should act as a single sentence which summarizes your point.
  • Tip 4: Conduct research to find the necessary data or supporting evidence that will help you make each of the points in your body.
  • Tip 5: Brainstorm the best ideas to include in such a short amount of space. Remember that with only one page allowed, your word choice must be precise. Every word should serve a purpose.
  • Tip 6: Create an outline. The outline allows you to play around with the order of the information, see what organizational method works best, and to make sure each piece has supporting evidence.
  • Tip 7: Write your first draft. Remember that the first draft is never going to be perfect, that is why it is called “first draft”.
  • Tip 8: Make your reference page. If you take down all bibliographic information while you are working on notes, the reference page will be much easier to complete.
  • Tip 9: After you finish your first draft, give yourself some time away, at least one full day if you can, before returning to complete the work. You need to give your mind a break even for a piece that is this small in length. This will allow you to return with a fresh perspective and catch small issues like “begin” when you meant to type “being”. Both are correct and auto correct or spell check will certainly miss them. Checking on things like this will really help you to complete a great finished product.
  • Tip 10: Give your final work a once over viewing and be sure to save a digital copy with your physical print out just in case things go wrong. Always email yourself a copy in case your teacher requires another copy or something happens to the one you printed.

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