Media Violence

It is quite unfortunate that a considerable number of television and other media programs are violent. Violence is also in video games and the internet. This being the case, the worst thing is that children watch these programs anyway. What most parents do not understand is that media violence has adverse and negative consequences for children who are exposed. Not only does media violence cause behavior change in children but also affects their way of thinking and also their actions. Due to such negative consequences, parents should get advised and realize the importance of protecting children against exposure to media violence. Media violence may turn innocent children into violent youths and adults’ later in life.

Effects of Media Violence on Children

Recently there have been reports of school shootings in different parts of the world. It is not a wonder that such kind of behavior has been caused or rather triggered by media violence. Watching people use guns to kill others in the movies may make children experimental and may try it in schools or even at home. Young children at the age of four are already exposed to media violence. Children may spend a lot of time watching movies even when parents or guardians are away. This means that there is no supervision. They can learn tactics without knowing the effects. When they play in the fields with peers, they may end up causing injuries to each other. Violence for kids exposed to a lot of media violence may not seem to them as violence, but the way life should be. This is because too much exposure changes even the way they think and even their perspective of dealing with conflicts. When children are not in terms the only thing they think of in order to feel good is fighting. What most parents do not figure out is that this behavior is triggered by exposure to the kids to media violence.

Deal with Media Violence

Dire to the dire and adverse consequences of media violence, something needs to be done so as to address the issue. Parents should be advised on the effects of media violence on their children. They should ensure that children do not watch violent programs and minimize the number of hours their children watch movies. Children should also be taught about conflict resolving methods and dangers of violence both at home and at school.


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