Composing A Compare And Contrast Essay On The Chrysalids

The Chrysalids is a book set a few thousand years in the future in a land tainted by some natural disaster or as the people there referred to it, tribulation sent by God. In this book many aspects of human character are expressed and there are various avenues for discussion. Here are 10 topic tips for writing a compare and contrast essay on The Chrysalids:

  1. Explore the difference in the viewpoint of a small child on issues concerning human relationships with that of the adults. Show how the inexperience or innocence of the young child can be held responsible for these difference and give a moral argument for choosing the correct viewpoint.
  2. Discuss the similarity of the beliefs of the citizens considered to be of pure stock with that of present world religions and it practices. Did the author do a good job in depicting people of Labrador as metaphorical representation of present day Christians?
  3. Show how Anne’s suicide portrayed a similar situation in our life resulting from differences in belief and culture between married couples.
  4. Show how the Deviants living in the badlands portrayed similar traits to that of the ones considered to be of pure stock.
  5. How did the parents of Sophie demonstrate the power of love over racial discrimination and how does its eventual futility affect the possibility of others repeating these actions?
  6. Discuss the living standards of the deviants in the badlands and use this to support an arguments portraying the town folk as the monsters.
  7. Was the birth and discovery of Petra’s mental abilities a cause for concern or joy? Discuss on the benefits of Petra’s powerful mind outweighed the threat she posed of having them discovered.
  8. Show how the principle of the old people was not supported by all even if no one stood up against it. Discuss the possibility that this may be the case on our society today by comparing it to real life people or events.
  9. Show how ship that saved the group of runaways may have sparked the creation of a new religion because of its vastly superior technologies and capabilities.
  10. Compare the description of the old people and present day descendants, including the deviants, serve to portray both the old and new as inferior in the very same way the viewed the deviants themselves.

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