An Academic Tutorial: Basic Essay Writing Strategies

There’s no way to go through the education system without being expected to write essays. These papers express the writer’s thoughts to the reader to help them form skills of comparison, critical thinking, persuasion and certainly the ability to write well. And the professors want to see this.

Essay writing is also completed at different levels of learning development depending on the length of the research and complexity of the overall paper. Some professors will leave the guidelines open so that the student can express themselves, but even that can reveal flaws if the student doesn’t have at least a basic strategy. Even as complex as some of these papers are, the student still approaches it using a very basic writing strategy.

What Are The Basics?

Rather than approach essay writing with technical details, there are basics that every student needs to know to apply to every paper that will get them to where they need to be.

  • Present Ideas Clearly
  • Research Thoroughly
  • Give Appropriate Credit

Present Ideas Clearly

The purpose of the essay is to persuade the reader of the author’s argument. The best way to do this is to not get wrapped up in a lot of heavy vocabulary. To present the ideas clearly let’s the reader absorb the information at an even pace. In a way these are ‘beats’ established in the paper, much like the beats in music when the reader goes through it.

Research Thoroughly

Many times students get exhausted with their research and try to take shortcuts when they present it in their paper. This is risky as it might reveal the writer rushed through the paper and left gaps in the reasoning.

Give Appropriate Credit

In all of the research done, it’s appropriate to give the correct references for all sources in the end. There are different formats for this but it’s more of a matter of habit that the student should get into. Giving the right credit shows them to stay away from taking shortcuts with their text.


Most students get too much into the details of writing essays where they forget the basics. It’s not something they would know in the beginning, as they would have to go to the motions for it to become second nature. The student must continue this practice to improve their grade for their sake but mostly to see for themselves that they know the material well enough to talk about it.


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