A Piece Of Advice On How To Create A Problem Solution Essay On Vandalism

Vandalism is a serious problem that threatens society. It can cause difficulties for both schools and residences. Writing about vandalism can be an important step towards finding a solution.

If you are going to write a serious problem solution essay on vandalism, you should take into consideration the various aspects that cause the problem, and state any facts that can either improve the situation, or eliminate the problem completely. Improve the quality of your text by reading these pieces of advice on how to create a problem solution essay on vandalism.

  • Select a more precise theme.
  • Make the topic more specific. Describe vandalism at schools, the psychological basis of vandalism, vandalism among teenagers, or any other specific theme. General facts are known to everybody, so you should write something distinctive.

  • Prove the existence of the problem.
  • A problem solution text usually begins with a statement where you describe the existing problem and give a general outline of the situation. It’s important to explain the reasons for vandalism, and its possible negative consequences in order to convince the readers of the essay’s importance and the necessity of finding a solution.

  • Work on the situation.
  • The problem statement is often supported by a heartwarming story. Read news articles about vandalism problems and use them in the essay. Saying that it’s a real event has the strongest effect on the readers, as they then start imagining something similar happening to them.

  • Give an adequate number of examples.
  • All the statements in your essay should be given examples. It will make the problem in the text clearer. The readers should feel anxiety about the state of affairs and compassion towards the possible victims of vandals’ acts.

  • Work on an effective solution to the problem.
  • When you are writing a solution to the problem, it’s very important to provide a set of strong arguments that prove the effectiveness of your ideas. If you write down facts, you need to explain the ways in which they will influence the problem. Don’t forget to explain why you have chosen these solutions, and try to prove your theory that they are the most effective.

  • Show the state of affairs as if the problem has been solved.
  • The conclusion of the essay should illustrate the potential of the problem’s solution. The readers should see how the world will benefit when the level of vandalism is reduced. Write positive facts to finalize your results and create a positive impression of your work.


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