The Top 25 Creative College Essay Topics For Effective Writing

Do you need to write a creative college essay, but aren’t sure on what topic you would like to write on? With so many possibilities it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Perhaps you need to look at a few titles to get inspired. Here are 25 great titles that would be ideal for a creative college essay:

  1. What matters to you the most, and why?
  2. What makes a person happy, no matter their surroundings?
  3. Is this worth tweeting, or not?
  4. Select one fictional character from a book - explain why you chose this character, and what you would talk about in an interview?
  5. Name the word that you like the most, and explain your choice.
  6. What would you hope to find when you get to the end of a rainbow?
  7. Is the search for happiness a fruitless venture?
  8. Which celebrity would you go on a date with, and why?
  9. You recently uploaded a video that got over a million hits in under 24 hours – what is the video about?
  10. You are looking through a window: what do you see, and why is it important to you?
  11. What public issues cause you the most rage, and what are you doing about it?
  12. What is the best present that you have ever received?
  13. Select a film where the lead character had to make a difficult decision: did he make the right choice?
  14. During school what is the most useful piece of advice that you got?
  15. The biggest regret of your life, and what you could have done differently?
  16. The top 5 things you would take to a desert island, and why?
  17. How you would rule the nation if you was in charge?
  18. What is the one branch of technology that you want to advance the most, and why?
  19. If you were a pro athlete what sport what you play, and for which team?
  20. Describe your ideal house?
  21. Which country would you spend a month in with unlimited funds?
  22. What job would you like to be talented in, and why?
  23. How would you spend $10 million dollars on charity work?
  24. What music band would you like to be a part of?
  25. If you could play any instrument perfectly, which one would it be?

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