Police Brutality

Police brutality involves the use of excessive force, primarily physical, but in some cases it might be psychological intimidation or through verbal attack by a police officer. Police brutality exists in various countries even those that condemn it. Police brutality is a well-known form of police misconduct that includes the following: intimidation, surveillance abuse, false arrest, and police corruption. For instance, in the United States, police abuse is considered one of the significant human rights violations.

Several actions by the police have made the public and civil rights societies to question their professionalism notably in the main American cities, for example, New York and Los Angeles. The fact is that most of these cases go unnoticed and unreported. In addition, there are systems that the local governments have engineered to stop cases of police brutality, but have failed. Police abuse experts have argued that some police officers while in the line of duty have a tendency of handling the citizens in a brutal manner. The attribution of such behaviors is due to certain shortcomings in officer's training, management, or recruitment.

There are diverse causes of police brutality though the law permits use force, especially when dealing with uncooperative criminals or suspects. As such, police officers always develop the notion that they have the upper hand in enforcing the law in the society and that the public cannot challenge their actions. One of the causes is that some individuals in the society have personality traits that provoke the police to using excessive force on them. This cause is greatly reported when young; inexperienced police officers are on duty for they lack tactics to handle ill-behaved people and consider the use of force as the only option to control them.

In the aforementioned cities, one significant factor, which has been evident over the years, is a factor of race. Police officers have subjected the minority communities in discriminatory treatment. In most occasions, police have gone to the extent of using racial slurs towards the minority groups. Studies have indicated that Hispanics and African-Americans have worst experiences in the hands of the law enforcement officers. For instance, many minorities have reported cases where police officers stop and arrest them because of driving in certain regions or certain models of cars. Most cities should devise strategies to fix their police departments and create an ample relationship with the immediate communities, which will be an important approach to restoring confident with the public.


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