Practical Tips On How To Use An Opinion Essay Example

An opinion essay is straightforward. You give an opinion. But there are two fundamental components to this situation. It must be quite clear that the point you're making is your opinion, and throughout the essay you must develop your argument clearly and with a crescendo of strength.

We know the structure where you have an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion and unless your teacher or tutor tells you otherwise, you should stick to this like glue. Of course as you rise up the academic ladder the actual number of words you provide in your opinion essay will grow. The opinion essay written by a high school student will have fewer words than that produced by a college student.

In your introduction you will have clearly made your thesis statement which is the main point of your opinion essay. The rest of the essay means you will go about developing the case to prove your opinion. Unless you are quite clear in your thesis statement and quite strong in your argument in favour of your opinion, your essay will get a low score and possibly fail.

An excellent way to give strength to your argument is to use an opinion essay example. Simply quoting statistics may be satisfactory but it can also be dry and make for turgid writing. On the other hand, if you provide a practical example, you create something interesting and give weight to your argument. It's akin to somebody speaking in public and simply giving a boring lecture as opposed to somebody who peppers their talk with anecdotes and stories.

Where are these examples?

That depends on the precise topic of your essay. Once you’ve settled on that you should then go about searching for examples which help to illustrate your point. You're not making an exact quotation and you can change the nature of the example by not listing specific details such as the name of the person or business or an event. If it's a public activity and in the public domain then being specific is not a problem. The problem is that the example must be specifically related to the argument or the case you're trying to build.

In using examples, less is more. The example or examples you give must not take up a large amount of space. Make your case and then to back it up quoting your example.


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