Where to Look for Free Samples of Critical Analysis Essays

In literature and English classes, a critical analysis essay is a common assignment. Students who are unfamiliar with this type of writing can always look up critical analysis samples online or in the library. There are many locations that offer free samples that students can use to get a head start on their essay.

Visit the Tutoring Center

Most college campuses will have a tutoring center or a writing center located on-site. This location is a great resource for students who need extra help. In addition to having many free examples available, the tutoring center will also have staff members on hand who can help with editing and proofreading. Students can get the example that they need by asking for help or using one of the resource guides at the center.

Ask the Professor

Each college professor is required to have set office hours every week. During this time, students can visit their professor to get help with finding a topic, using an example or editing their essay. Since college professors have graded hundreds of term papers, they will often have critical analysis essays on hand for students who need extra help. If they do not have a sample available, they will normally know the best places that students can look for a critical analysis essay.

Check Free Sites

The Internet has a wealth of resources for students who need extra help. By looking online, students can find many forums and free writing sites that offer examples. Before signing up for anything, students should make sure that the site is actually free. On occasion, some of these sites will charge a registration fee to use the service. As a rule, any website that asks for a credit card or banking information will normally be charging a fee.

Hire a Writing Service

In the modern world's “gig” economy, there are freelancers who will work on any project. Students can use a freelance writer or a writing service to get a customized example. These options are great for students because they allow the student to get a sample that is actually tailored to their course of study. Students should be wary, however, of copying any of the work provided to them from a freelance writer. Even though the work is original, it is still considered plagiarism to use someone else's writing. Although the student will probably not be caught, it does violate the academic codes held by most schools.


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