How to Write a good essay: 5 Great Suggestions

There are many key points in writing a good essay. Some points cover more than one issue, but they are linked together, to form one important point. Even though there are so many, what will be covered here, are five of the most important points, and suggestions to excel in them. Thus, by doing so, will create a great essay.

  1. Topic
  2. Research
  3. Outline
  4. Form
  5. Style


It can never be overstated that the topic is one of the most important parts of an essay. Always pre-research the topic you chose to make sure it is viable. By this, it is meant the three Points; Base knowledge of the writer, Interest of the writer, and available information to work with. If these are not there, then no matter what is done, the essay will lack.


Once the three points are found good, then start the main research. Always remember the base rule is one reference per every 100-150 words. Be thorough, and make sure that the information is valid to your topic, do not force it to fit, that is a false entry.


Always make a complete outline! Start by outlining the introduction, then the body, ending with the conclusion. Show where every reference will go, so that it can be led in right. Come up with an idea on how the catch line will be done, and then worry about doing it later, unless you have a good idea then, write it into the outline. Let yourself know exactly what you want to say (describe the issue to be covered, not word per word). Let yourself know how you want the conclusion done, ending with a statement, request, or directed question.


Make sure the form is correct. Each part has to be concise, and tie into the next part effectively. Grammar and spelling need to be equally as solid as the form. The Body and the Conclusion should have their own sub headers. Never state the conclusion is a conclusion, in any way, sub header, or text.


Always follow the style, and any extra instructions the instructor requests. Sometimes an instructor will request an alteration to a style, that should be the writer’s only deviation from the style’s format. Format the paper as required, make all citings proper in accordance to the style, and the bibliography should be as required. Style handbooks are the writer’s best resource on this, have one handy.


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