Essay Writing Prompts, Tips, and Ideas: Make Your Paper Stand Out

Writing interesting and persuasive texts is an inevitable attribute of a person who wants to do great in life. No matter whether you are a student or an office employee, developing good writing skills becomes a necessity at some point. Below is a list of useful tips that will definitely help you, even if you are a newcomer to essay writing.

  • Pursue a research.
  • Conducting thorough research on a given topic is a must for at least two reasons. Firstly, it will help you get your bearings in the required sphere, and understand which direction to choose in order to write an absorbing and essential paper. Secondly, it will brief you on the terms and notions applicable to the topic so that you can use them in your essay.

  • Review the already existing works on your topic.
  • Analyzing essays written by other authors can give you a new perspective on the aspects that should be specifically stressed in your essay. This will also introduce you to the opinions and arguments of other researchers, all the while providing you with good examples and fresh ideas that will help you develop your own thoughts on the topic.

  • Be logical and inventive.
  • Take your time to organize your thoughts before starting to write the paper. To catch the readers’ attentions, your essay should abound in interesting ideas, demonstrate logical thinking, and be easy to read. Thus, devoting some time to structuring your paper will be of great benefit for you.

  • Develop a catchy thesis statement.
  • A thesis statement is an essential part of an essay, as it indicates the exact idea of what the paper dwells on. Your thesis should embrace the underlying concept of the essay and make readers focus their attentions on it. Do not forget to organize your paper clearly by means of developing an extensive outline. This will not only ensure the logical train of thought, but also help readers streamline and learn the material.

  • Write a compelling introduction.
  • The first paragraphs of your essay should lure the audience in to further read the paper. There are a great number of tricks that can be used to achieve this; be it a quote, a challenging question, or an unusual example that can be applicable to the topic you are writing about. However, a successful start does allow you to recite boring and bare facts in the body of the essay. Apart from drawing in other people’s attentions, being unconventional in sharing new information and presenting your own ideas will help develop your own writing style.


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