The Best Way To Start A College Essay About The Greatest Capitals Of The World

Before you get to writing you need to gather your thoughts. Read the prompts to your assignment carefully and make sure you understand the main questions. Find out what type of essay and what word count are required. Decide how many capitals the body will comprise or maybe you’ll want to scrutinize a particular city, characterizing it from different sides.

When you know the topic and decide what main points you’re going to cover, it’s time to write a catchy and intriguing introduction that will lead the readers into your essay. There are a number of techniques used to lure your audience into reading. Consider the following ideas:

  • Relevant quotation.
  • You can find an apt expression about the city or cities you’re describing or analyzing on the quote websites. The sayings of classics, writers, poets, artists, and other famous people are grouped there according to a certain topic. You can type in your search engine “quotations about (the capital city you need)” and see the links to different quote sites. Choose the citation relevant to your topic and use it in your introduction. Don’t forget about the appropriate punctuation and remember to mention the author.

  • Less-known facts.
  • Start describing the capital city without giving its name. Instead, introduce some unknown facts or write about not widely known landmarks. Keep your readers in suspense with a sense of uncertainty. At the end of the opening paragraph, in the thesis statement, make it clear and disclose the name of the city so that the readers finally know what they’re going to read about.

  • Statistics.
  • Include an impressive statement or statistics concerning the economic development or any other aspect of the city life. It’s important that the figures you give are real and the information that you present is relevant to the main idea of your paper. Don’t overwhelm the first sentences with numbers, you’ll write everything in detail in the next paragraphs. One appropriate piece of data will be enough.

  • Contrast.
  • If you’ve decided to write a compare and contrast essay then think about common and divergent features of two cities and present them in the opening paragraph. Introduce them in a specific and unusual way, for example holding some information back. The main purpose is to interest the readers; you’ll have an opportunity to clarify all questions that may appear in the introduction in the body paragraphs.

Your choice of the beginning will largely depend on your audience and the purpose of the essay. Think for whom and why you’re writing and pick a proper attention getter.


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