Crafting An Excellent Argumentative Essay On Media

An argumentative essay is one that takes a stand on an issue and works to prove one side of it. When you are working to create an excellent argumentative essay on media, it is so important to follow these steps. They will ensure that you craft a strong piece that helps promote your side of the issue. For example, if you choose to write something regarding how social media should be less invasive, it is a good idea to make sure that your audience believes this point when they are done reading your paper.

What can you say that will make them agree with your belief? This is the question that you will keep in the back of your mind when you are preparing to write this paper. Here are some great tips on crafting an excellent argumentative essay on a media topic.

  • Decide on a controversial issue
  • The first step is to choose the controversial issue relating to a media topic that you will write your paper on. You should choose one that you feel passionate about. One that really gets your blood boiling. That way you won’t have to force it and you can just write.

  • Develop back up information
  • You will need support for your case. These are facts that you find that prove that your side of the controversial issue is the right side. This will be the information that you discuss in the body of your paper. You should come up with at least three supporting reasons and then you will also need to find the view of your opposition. This type of paper includes the opposing view and the direct response to this view as a rebuttal paragraph. It is an additional paragraph in the essay that most other essays do not include.

  • Organize your ideas
  • It will be really important to organize your ideas in an outline so that you know that you are making the most sense and the greatest effect. You will need to add transitions because they will allow the reader to know that you are changing the topic. It is so important to include these especially when transitioning to the rebuttal paragraph. If you fail to make a proper transition, you will really confuse your audience and your paper will lose its power. Put the transitions into the outline so that you can create links between main ideas.


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