Is Fashion Important

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In all sorts of social interactions and status, fashion is always an important aspect to look at. People will often judge others based on what they wear. Fashion is normally the center of attraction in social gatherings and status groups. It is even a major concern in social institutions where clothes define people. Youths are the ones most obsessed with the issue of fashion to an extent where some youths may not relate properly with others or even attend classes when not in the appropriate attire. In some cases some people may be unable to go to some places if they are sporting attire that is not accepted in such places. It is worse in work places where employees are required to put on the correct attire. It thus turns out that the choice of clothes is not always there for all people.

Some institutions like hospitals setting forbid casual clothing. These institutions could be all about hygiene and cleanliness and thus nurses, doctors and health coordinators are required to put on the appropriate attire prior to work. Some attire is also necessary during certain functions and they are referred to as the protective gear. For example during an operation, medical practitioners should put on sanitized scrub suits together with gloves prior to conducting a surgery. Lawyers may also be required to put on suits and prescribed attire to distinguish them easily while in a court room. You can thus easily tell the profession of an individual by being keen on the attire that they are in. Psychologists can at times diagnose a person basing o the attire they are in. they can easily tell if a person is having a problem by looking at the kind of clothes they are in. A person with a problem will pose or wear inappropriate and dirty attire. Attire is an important factor in terms of assessing the background of an individual.

Fashion is definitely important because it makes people look neat and smart in the right attire and this has helped improve the society. In the case of school going children, they look spotless and tidy if they attire wearing the right approved attire for school. This also helps reduce denial by kids who cannot own fancy clothing. Fashion has also set boundaries in the community. People always look smart when they are sporting the right attire. Right attire at work places also improves professionalism. People should thus sport the right attire for them to be accepted in the society.


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