Always Running

“Always Running” is a biography written by Luis Rodriguez. This self-biography is a story about the author who shares details about his past. He talks about his son and how he ran away from home. At the same time he looks as his son’s actions and can see the resemblance from his childhood. The author talks about how he ran away when he was his son’s age. He discussed his experiences doing bad things such as being a gangbanger. He later talks about how he wanted to make a change to his life for the better and that he had hoped his children wouldn’t follow in his footsteps.

The book has a number of elements people can relate to since it is a non-fiction story. There are adults often looking back into their childhood thinking about actions they did and those they wish they didn’t do. Some may feel if they had a different perspective on life they would have turned out to be a different person or someone better. In Rodriguez case, he recalls a number of instances where he knew he was wrong. He hung out with the wrong crowd and he didn’t care too much about school, or the people that cared about him. Eventually these things changed and he wanted to stop hanging out with gang members.

He remembers being out in the streets of Los Angeles where he grew up. The neighborhood he lived was poor and there was crime in the area often. When he thinks about his son he thinks about actions he did when he ran away, thus, this is partly why he named the story “Always Running.” He reviewed gang activity and how some members got into fights often that escalated into more violence. He defines the moment when he wants to stop gangbanging.

Rodriguez says at one point it wasn’t easy for him, but used school activities to help him break the habit. The story offers a glimpse into the life of someone who wants to make a change. The story eventually shares more meaningful content that even someone not in a gang can take something from. The author claims he had made some changes for the better, but you can sense there is a level of worry that bothers him. There are different elements in the story that make it seem as if someone will go to jail, but you have to read it in order to learn its true meaning.


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