History Of Airport Security

Every day, huge numbers of peoples travel through airports. This increases the chances of crime activities as well as terrorism attacks due to concentration of peoples in certain locations. Similarly, the concentration of passenger on huge planes, the use of hijacked airliners as deadly weapon, and the potential high rates of death associated with aircraft attack creates fascinating terrorism target. Whether successful or not, the alarming rate of aircraft terror attempts and attack around the globe led to development of security checks in airports to curb the menace.

Security checks in the airports attempts to curb potential hazardous situations as well as terrorism attacks from entering or arising within the nation. The success of airport security in the recent past has seen drastic fall illegal items transported, reduction of terrorist’s activities entering the nation, airport or aircraft and lethal situations. Therefore, airport security carries out various significant functions such as protecting the nation and airport from terror attacks and ensuring the safety of the passengers. This has developed as the key goal of the airport security.

Origin of Airport Security

The history of airport security dates back in early twentieth century. The airport security developed from simple mechanism of security personnel at airport entrances to assist in curbing aircraft hijackings and other terrorist related activities. Over the last decades, airport security has developed into trafficking control means of contrabands as well as the leading war against terrorism.

The first ever aircraft hijacking happened in 1931, however, the airport security was not initiated until late nineteen fifties. Although security experts warn of more terror attacks, terrorism was undermined and hence no modern prevention mechanisms were installed. By the end of nineteen sixties, aircraft hijackings were at the peak, culminating the historical record of eighty two attacks in 1969.

The first terrorist related attack occurred abroad a Cuban flight in1976 which resulted to seventy three deaths. As a result, airports and airlines around the globe started to adopt a more prominent security screening, most notably in Israel and United States of America. These mechanisms include x-ray machines, potential checks by security personnel and metal detectors.

Airport Security in Modern World

Towards the end of the twentieth century, mechanisms to curb aircraft hijacking developed into standard process of operations and airline security aimed on various criminal activity forms. In nineteen eighties, the war on drug trafficking was intensified. Drug detecting mechanisms such as modern pat-down procedures and drug-sniffing dogs were employed. Moreover, security personnel role is still enforced in most nations. Security has become a priority in all nations in the recent past.


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