St Valentine’s Day Massacre

In 1929, the Irish-American gang led by Bugs Moran, and the Southern side Italian gang led by Al Capone struggled to take control of organized crime in Chicago and resulted in the murder of six mob associates and mechanics of Northside Irish gang. These killings were given the name of Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre.

During the era of prohibition, gangsters ruled many large cities. They owned many speakeasies, breweries and betting joints. However, in the late 1920s, the two rival gangs split Chicago. Al Capone led one of these gangs and Bugs Moran directed the other. For years, both tried to overpower each other.

McGurn was an associate of Al Capone. Once, he visited him to discuss on-going problems of Moran’s gang. McGurn asked Al Capone to eliminate the Moran gang. Al Capone agreed to his idea and funded McGurn for a planned assassination. McGurn carefully planned all the aspects to eliminate Moran’s gang. Foreign lookouts were hired, to ensure that no could recognize them in case of any survivors. They also stole a police car and two police uniforms. McGurn instructed the local booze captor to offer Moran an old log whiskey, which he is willing to sell at reasonable rate. Moran agreed and told captor to meet him at 10:30 in his garage on 14th of February.

The plan of termination of the Moran’s gang was such a blood stained one that each of the victims was shot at least fifteen bullets in their heads and chest. Since the killers were wearing police uniform, the neighbors thought police had staged a raid.

Although the plan was carefully crafted. However, there occurred a major problem. The man who was identified as ‘Bugs’, was not him. He arrived late, and on seeing a police car outside the garage, he stayed away from the building. This massacre took seven lives on the valentine’s day of 1929. The police investigated their best nevertheless, failed because Al Capone was in Miami on the day of incident and McGurn was at hotel. The incident brought Al Capone to the attention of the Federal government. Although, people knew that Al Capone was responsible for that massacre, but police never had enough evidence to convict him. Al Capone raised as the new ruler and sole gang leader of the Chicago City.


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