Students With Intellectual Disabilities

Intellectual disabilities are when a child or a person is limited in certain ways in terms of his mental functions and skills. The kinds of skills that are mostly linked to intellectual disabilities include social, communication and skills of taking care of oneself. These skills are significantly reduced for people with the disability. It is not a disease and cannot be contracted from another person that is suffering from it. Many people confuse it with mental illness. It is not a disease or an infection but just a natural condition that affects some skills. This condition has no pure. It cannot be corrected. This does not necessarily imply that individuals suffering from an intellectual disability cannot learn. They can learn many things but with time. Intellectual disability is caused by some factors. They include genetic disorders, health problems like measles and meningitis, problems during pregnancy or/and at birth.

Teaching Strategies of Students with Intellectual Disabilities

Students with this disorder should not be subjected to learning in the same manner as the typical students. Their information intake is slow and they require some time to digest what they learn. Different learning strategies should be employed to enhance their learning. It is important to break down what is being taught in small steps. The information should be given in small bits and a progressive stepwise manner. You introduce a concept and build on it little by little. This will minimize and avoid overwhelming the student and enhance information take up. Teachers should avoid lengthy verbal lecturers as they are ineffective. They make more use of hand on skills as the basis of teaching. When the information is concrete and observable, then the students can get it better than in lectures. Tutors should use more of visual aids like charts, graphs and pictures. Teachers should also embark most on immediate feedback teaching methods. This style helps the students to tell and identify with what they feel.

How to help People with Intellectual Disabilities

Though the condition has no cure, you can help a person with the disability if the condition is realized early enough. For small children, particular care should be given to them. Arrangements should also be made to take them to individualized school programs. These schools identify the unique needs of your child. They have got special services that could help your child learn better. Early child care will help the child to learn some skills at a young age.


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