The Age Of Discovery

Our history is packed with discoveries of every kind. There has been a lot development in many aspects and some of it is attributed to discoveries that were made in the past. So the question remains: when were the first discoveries made? About a hundred years before the mid-15th century leading to mid-16th century, men were driven by various circumstances to find new routes. These new routes were very important to seamen, scholars, commoners and kings more than the lands they had found. The age of discovery was therefore a momentous period that was characterized with global exploration by the European world stemming up back from the 15th century age.

One of the remarkable events was towards the end of the 14th century that saw the huge Mongols Empire breaking up. Therefore, the merchants from the west could not be assured of safe-conduct any longer concerning the land routes. The increasing power of the Ottoman Turks is something to reckon especially the hostility that was shown to Christians. This was a major impediment to the establishment of the outlets towards the Mediterranean linked with the historical sea routes stemming out of the East. The new nations along the Atlantic Europe shores were now about to establish overseas adventure and trade.

In the early 15th century, the Portuguese made a lot of discoveries in Africa and in the Atlantic archipelagos. There was also another discovery on the Americas by Spain towards the end of the 15th century in 1492 and the ocean route discovery by the Portuguese later on in 1498. Much later discoveries would come such as a series of the naval expeditions by the European world across the Atlantic and then the Pacific that carried on till the 18th century. This has become the commonly known bridge for the middle ages and the contemporary era together with its modern renaissance movement.

The age of discovery was a very important time in the European world. It led to its overseas expansion that culminated into the emergence of colonial powers. The contact was set between both the old and new worlds that produced the Columbian Exchange – a large transfer of animals, plants, human populations along with slaves, foods, cultures from the east and west and a most unfortunate thing, communicable diseases. This was a very important occurrence about agriculture, ecology and culture in history. With this age, the global mapping on the universe was made possible leading to a new world-perception and the acknowledgement of different civilizations.


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