The Dystopian World Of Fahrenheit 451

Most of the novels had themes of the time when they were written. The same way, The Dystopian World of Fahrenheit 451 reflects the themes that were present during the first and the Second World War. It mostly focuses on the policies and the events that took place in the Great Nazi community. There were great destruction and bombing. Bradbury having lived during this time was well informed of what was happening then. The Nazi people were involved in destruction and destroyed y everything that informed the people of development. The books, pieces of art and films were considered as was considered as inferior to them. There was the growth of political depression and especially in the totalitarian regime, people were never free. People only remembered of ever being free and could not discuss the situation they were in openly.

The dehumanizing nature of the society

The people that did not conform to the fighting powers were treated in un fair manner. There was a way that was used to smoke them out of their hiding places. This was not a pleasant way but was used all the same. The captain said that the mechanism that they used did not have to like people but had to be used. He compared it to a missile that projected through a certain path. It is just a battery, some copper wires, and electricity. They only plot the path and it finds its target and opens up. It does not have to like where or what it was made to do. The people that conformed to the great Nazi and the totalitarian society may not necessarily love violence. They, however, have to conform to what is there for them to survive.

The theme in the novels

Bradbury enjoyed a reputation for many years. He, however, did not write his work based on the right thing. He knew that people will not be thrilled to read the right things. He, therefore, chose to write what people will find interesting to read. In an example, he said that if you are a writer, and you want to tell people about how a woodsman spared a tree, then you may never thrill your reader. He said that the way to thrilling a reader is by writing the thing that they find is wrong, and they will be thrilled. In his books, he wrote about the happenings in the first and the second war. They are horrible experiences, but people want to read about them.


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