The End Before The Beginning

The perception of reality is in most cases overwhelmed by expectations that create a puzzling experience for most human beings. He demonstrates how most people lose themselves to emotions that are meant to draw them to conclusive judgments about different instances in life. While most of the things that appear correct may impact on the way human beings react to situations, it becomes vital to give room for further analysis of any moment to get the real facts. Therefore, even before something has begun to gain a reasonable discourse, our expectations are drawn to something else that was not in our minds. This essay attempts to explore the different ways in which expectations and perception of situations can lead to delusion and loss of reality.

While it is important to have the ability to interpret and predict the actions of others, one should only make a conclusion after getting all information that pertains a particular action. This is because before every person holds different agility and therefore our responsiveness to various situations differ a lot. A prejudgment may mislead someone to pick the wrong discourse and for this reason, it remains vital to embrace patience. For instance, most people are tempted to make a judgment as to what may happen next in a movie, but this may leave more questions and confusion when events turn and something else reflects. Winckelmann explains that ambiguity engulfs the minds of the viewer when events become contrary to their expectations, meaning that it becomes even more complicated for them to understand the meaning of what comes before their eyes. Also, meaningless attention may show up while one expects something to start happening. This can occur when the viewer tries to get the meaning of an action that transpires contrary to what the mind expected. Indeed, there is a need for proper analysis of a situation before concluding about what should follow.

In conclusion, it is evident that the longing for meaning and interest for something are among factors that can draw one to make a prejudgment about a current occurrence that may not hold a static future. Even before the expectations are fulfilled, something else happens as a continuation of the same occurrence. The end, therefore, leaves one confused and seeking for more information as to why something happened in a certain manner.


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