Similarities And Differences Between Tourism Management And Event Management


Tourism Management refers to the creative thinking for attracting the tourist by way of cultural values, traditional objects and various functions, also integrating the available resources and utilizing the best out of it for the purpose of development of tourism.

Event Management refers to the management of various activities like economic, political, sports, conferences, tourism etc. in such a manner that it suits according to the environment and situations available at that moment.

Similarities between Tourism Management and event management-

  • Tourism and event management are the very important industries of every nation. Both of these industries work in Global market and help in urban reformation. In these industries, unique properties of one Nation are displayed globally and this helps in attracting the other nations. This way the market strategies of both industries are similar.

  • Both Tourist and event management industries contribute large revenue for a country and also increase the employment opportunities.

  • International awareness is also increased thought both industries, as they allow different cites of nation to expose their specialty in global market. This in result increases the new business opportunities and foreign investment in country.

  • Both industries have an influencing framework of attracting people from all over the world. This attraction will bring the social, economic and cultural development of country.

Differences between Tourism Management and event management-

  • Tourist Management is a continuous process which requires the constant brainstorming regarding how to attract tourist from various countries. While event management is a time bound process, it is occurred for a definite period of time as per the event needs.

  • Potentiality of tourist industry is more as compared to event management industry as it has more exposure opportunities to display the available resources globally. Event management has limited scope for displaying the resources.

  • Tourist management creates a health competition for cities in market and also serves as ideal destination around the world. This way city becomes proactive for developing their market and infrastructure, which in result provides economic benefit to the whole nation. On the other hand event management is just an act of conducting events on the basis of specified needs of project or event organizer. No competition is being created in this industry; only specific disclosure of resources is made as per the needs of project.


It can be concluded that both tourism and event management industry are similar in few areas and dissimilar in others but both industries are interrelated to with each other.


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