The Top 10 Hottest Debate Essay Topics For University Students

If you are a university student in need of a hot debate essay topic, consider the information below. But remember that these are only meant as suggestions and that you should review them through the lens of a foundation which you use to find topics that are meaningful to you and fit within the confines of your assignment:

  1. Write about abortion. There is no limit to the amount of debate and controversy this topic can bring. You can review the riots, violence, picketing, and the war between the two sides. You can also write about the health aspects of multiple abortions on future pregnancies.
  2. Animal rights are another controversial topic on which you can write. You can review the picketing in Congress or the dumping of paint at fur fashion events and whether animal testing is an appropriate step, and what contributions the medical world has enjoyed because of the standard lab rat, lab monkey, human testing cycle that it utilizes.
  3. Explore breast cancer and the effects that certain soaps have on the risk of cancer. Review the main charitable foundations and whether their events are helping research.
  4. Write about border control in America and how we can call ourselves a melting pot of we remove some of the ingredients.
  5. Discuss the death penalty among different states and whether it is an economically viable alternative to life long prison sentences.
  6. Write about the number of deaths associated with plastic surgery and whether there is a rise of prescription addiction because of the increase in plastic surgery.
  7. Write about human trafficking and how it offers funding for certain rebel groups. Focus on groups that have attained a greater good for their people through the funding provided by human trafficking or study the history of capturing losers in war and using them as slaves.
  8. Write about genetic cloning and whether there is a limit to this area of science, and whether that limit is ours to make. Review the growth of cloning in other countries and how they have helped people or hurt them.
  9. Focus on the corruption of the pharmaceutical industry and whether they should no longer be allowed to broadcast commercials for their highest costing drugs, something that inevitably leads patients to make medical appointments asking for a drug to cure a disease they do not have.
  10. Review ethnic adoption.

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