Where To Search For Qualified Essay Help Provided For Free

A little bit of help can go an unimaginably long way when you have no clue where to start on your journey to a successful essay. Unfortunately, the help that you need may not always come within you budget. Here are a few places that you can start your search for assistance when you are starting with a budget of zero:

Your family

People who are related to you will usually not charge you for their services. There will be exceptions however. If you are estranged from your family, they may not feel the need to treat you any differently than they would a stranger. There will also be cases where your entire family is willing to help you for free but none of them have the abilities that you need.

Close Friends

Much like family, sometimes your friends will want to help you but simply lack the skills. In other cases they may surprise if you would only ask. Try not to assume that nobody you know is able to help If you aren’t sure who to ask, change your status on social media to reflect your needs. This will allow you to reach out to people you may even have forgotten you know.

Your Professor

Ideally this should be one of the first people you try to ask. The person who will correct your essay should be capable of assisting you in every way. Obviously if the help you want is to have someone complete the assignment on your behalf, the professor will probably tell you no. Anything else is fair game though.

Your Tutor

The thing about asking your tutor for help is that such assistance might not really be free.If you have paid for your tutors services, technically any assistance you receive has already been paid for.


When you read sample papers you can absorb much of the knowledge that the writer has put into their work. The best part s that you may not need to know the writer personally to derive this benefit.

Random Web Searches

If no one is willing to help you, conduct a web search on your own. This is a very speedy way to acquire data and advice. If you phrase your search cleverly enough you will be able to avoid many of the worthless results. You will still have to contend with a few though.


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