Why People Read And Enjoy Certain Genres

In most of my free time, I have been trying to do some research to help me understand why different people enjoy the type of genres that they enjoy reading. It has been a great experience and what I found out is thrilling. People are different. They will thus identify and tend to enjoy certain genres of art that others. Understanding why this happens is complex. There are however very many things in our lives that tend to explain why individuals will be attracted to particular genres and not the other. Surprisingly, very few individuals will enjoy only one genre entirely and shut all the others out of their minds. Many people are diverse will always tend to approve that one genre and enjoy it more than any other. Mass media may have had a great role to play in making people understand and choose certain genres over others. This is because media tends to go with fashion and trends. What they play a lot will have an appeal to many people.

Personal Characteristics and Identity

Many people that enjoy particular genres want to identify with them. They believe that these genres are best for them because they compliment to what they feel about themselves. For children, they are still looking for an identity. A child may, however, choose the kind of genres that is simple. They want themes that are clearly defined. Children will not enjoy genres that use a lot of chord changes and unfamiliar structure. Their minds are just developing and they are just discovering themselves. They might just start picking the genres that they enjoy. This may depend on the dance styles and other performance characteristic employed in the genre. Identity has to have an appeal. Some people will choose some genres because they feel that individual stars are cool for them. This is choosing the identity that fits theirs. They may feel that it is safer to listen to certain genres.


The reason we enjoy genres is because we want to understand the world. We want to fit into the world. What we feel about enjoying a certain genre is vital. Our emotions will control our expectations. Expectations may be based on the events that happened in the past. This will influence what we feel at the present and dictate the kind of the genre that we listen to and enjoy. This will also determine what we anticipate in the future.


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