Looking For Strong Persuasive Five Paragraph Essay Examples

Examples of essays and other academic papers are a popular concern among students who are not very good at writing. Essays as they are, contain not only facts that are taken from reference sources. They need to involve a great deal of one’s own thinking that makes them unique and interesting. Yet, this piece of work is usually the hardest for those students who have no big talent for speaking their mind on paper. That’s why they need samples of other people’s work, just to see how it should be done.

If you need a sample of an academic paper, make sure that you know what you are looking for, as it will make your searching easier. It starts with the type of the paper. If you need a persuasive essay, an example of an argumentative one will not do. If you need a paper that consists of five paragraphs, a three-paragraph one will not do, either. So, starting your searching, wherever you prefer to search, you need to make up a precise request like “five paragraph persuasive essay examples”. It will help you a lot if you are into searching online.

Now, let’s see where such examples can be found.

  • Go to your teacher.
  • Your teacher knows well what you need, so you can expect a good proofread example of a five-paragraph persuasive essay of a good quality. Such examples certainly come for free, and you can use them as long as you want. Still, you cannot copy any parts of these samples, as soon as the teacher will see the cheating immediately.

  • Go to a library.
  • The library of your school normally contains a number of proofread projects that have been collected there for years. So, you can find a good persuasive paper sample and use it as you wish. Besides that, if your topic is quite popular, you can find a paper that will be dedicated to exactly the same stuff.

  • Go to online databases.
  • The mentioned databases can provide you with tons of five-paragraph persuasive projects dedicated to different topics. However, searching through the databases and online copies of academic projects, make sure that you download files of a high quality. Sometimes, in free databases that contain too many files, you can catch a computer virus that will corrupt your PC and all the work you have already done. Besides that, you should be careful in order not to download a file with mistakes or plagiarism, or so.


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