How Much Do You Have to Pay for a Good Custom Essay?

There is no definite price for an essay. In fact, you might pay a different amount for a similar paper depending on the circumstances. So, what determines how much you pay for your custom essay?

  • Who is writing the Essay?
  • There are numerous essay writing service providers, each with a different package. It is the details of their packages that differentiate the providers. Established writing agencies may be expensive because they have already built a name or may be cheaper based on the volumes they deal with. Experienced writers produce high quality and consistent work and are therefore likely to be more expensive. New comers could be cheaper because they have an entry offer or want to attract more clients. This means that a similar paper handled by different companies will be charged differently.

  • What is your area of Study?
  • Essays in sciences and mathematics are charged slightly higher than those on humanities and arts. The distinction is usually made based on the amount of research that goes into preparing the paper. Sciences and mathematics are also a bit technical and require specialized knowledge. This means that the number of writers is limited. The limited supply of writers leads to higher prices.

  • How long is it?
  • Any online essay writer will charge you depending on the number of pages or words. More pages mean that you will pay a higher amount. A few pages will cost you less. This aspect applies to essays in both sciences and humanities. Other aspects of a page that are considered include the line spacing. An essay that is widely spaced does not carry a lot of words. This makes it easier to write and therefore cheaper. Another that is closely spaced takes a lot of words and is therefore more expensive.

  • When do you need it?
  • The duration given before the essay is returned determines how much you pay for it. Essays with a short deadline are more expensive because they have to be given top priority. If you need your essay in a week or several days, it will be cheaper. It is therefore advisable that you hand over the instructions to the writing agency as early as possible.

    While the cost of the essay is important, it should not override the need for quality services. There are other charges that might increase you cost including corrections. Ensure that all charges are disclosed before the company can embark on the work.


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