Composing strong topics for an expository essay

An expository essay is a common method in discourse. It is the setting forth of an argument on the basis of investigation of an idea and evaluation of the available evidence (whether factual, anecdotal or statistical). Like all essays this type of essay also requires you to give a thesis statement and support it with the help of evidence. You do not have to argue a point or persuade your reader. Rather you are meant to describe an idea with the help of example, comparison or contrast.

Composing a topic for exposition is not just about section of a topic, but also about how you put it in words fit for an expository essay. Expositions deal with descriptions so your topic should be:

  1. Specific enough to be tackled in the limits of an essay.
  2. Not too specific. You need information on the subject. Something that is too specific will be hard to research.
  3. Writing prompts by your teacher should be considered.

Some examples of good expository essay topics:

  1. Why do you think you should be considered a team player.
  2. Parents can be strict at times. Explain why.
  3. Who is your favorite personality? Explain why you like it.
  4. Explain what you like about your favorite subject.
  5. What is the best thing about your favorite teacher’s lectures?
  6. Explain how shifting houses affects teenagers.
  7. Explain the causes of stress in high school students.
  8. Getting a driver’s license is a significant event in a teenager’s life. Explain why.
  9. Explain the qualities of a leader.
  10. Explain why some kids are loners.
  11. What are the effects of heavy metal music on society?
  12. Explain why bunking school is a thrill for some students.
  13. Describe your favorite place to visit.
  14. Explain how pets affect human behaviors.
  15. Show the reasons for teenagers end up doing drugs.
  16. Why do people ignore the consequences of driving under influence?
  17. Describe a scene from a movie that you like. Explain why.
  18. Explain why some siblings never get along.
  19. Explain the likely affects of constantly warring parents on children.
  20. Explain the likely consequences of losing a job.
  21. Explain why riding a bicycle is healthier than driving a car.
  22. What is the best way of having a brawl in a bar? Explain your answer with examples.

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