Funny argument essay topics for college students

Some examples of funny argumentative essay topics for students-

Argumentative essays are meant to touch hearts and inspire readers. By now, we have all read examples of argumentative essays and we know what they normally sound like. However, a less common approach to the argumentative essay writing style is to use humor. By making your argument essay funny, you cannot only express your main point and idea but you can also keep the readers attention. Some may even argue that using satire and joking can be more effective for expressing a message than writing formally. It may be advisable for students to give funny argument essay writing a try for a change.

Attempting to write a funny essay is just one way that students can become better essay writers. It provides them with an opportunity to practice their essay writing skills while still having fun.

Examples of funny argument essay topics for College students

  1. Are Women Funny? The Age-Old Question Answered Once and For All
  2. What Is The True “Baseball Metaphor” for Hooking Up; First Second and Third Base Explained
  3. The Science of Star Trek. Going Where No Man Has Gone Before.
  4. Do Blondes Really Have More Fun? An Examination of Blonde Women in History
  5. Do Leggings Count as Pants? The Pant-Debate Finally Settled
  6. Are We Addicted To Social Media? A Year in Twitter Posts
  7. Should College Students Have To Write So Many Stupid Argument Essays?
  8. Why Pizza Hut Has The Best Pizza an Evaluation of Pizza Quality
  9. Four Good Reasons Why Class Really Should Not start Until 11am
  10. Should Instructors Have To Write The Finals Too! Why College Teachers Should Be Tested.

Next time you are asked to write an argument paper in college on any topic of your choosing, it may be a good idea to try a humorous paper

Instead. Humorous papers make their point by being funny as well as presenting information in a way that is accessible and enjoyable to read.

Keep in mind that when you write a humor paper you still have to follow the structuring rules of a typical academic paper. Your instructor may find your paper funny, but they will still have to evaluate your technical essay writing skills. Besides, when you decide to write on a humorous topic you get the opportunity to express yourself in a unique and creative way. Who knows the experience may even change your mind about essay writing?


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