What Is The Best Way To Start Writing An Essay

Writing happens every day whether in a scholarly paper or writing a text message and a reply to someone on a social media network. Essays do not always have to automatically be written in a structured format with rigid rules for citations and headers/footer. Essay writing can be one of the easiest things a student does if they realize that even blogging on a social media website serves as a type of essay. Several ways exist to start writing an essay:

  • Clear Mind
  • Know Your Subject Matter
  • Know Your Audience
  • Write and Re-Write
  • Edit

Clear Mind

The only way to write a quality essay is to put oneself into a good working environment. Some people need absolute quiet to write, while others can work in a quiet conversational or musical environment. The best way to learn how to write a good essay is by giving yourself enough time to figure out what style works best for you.

Know Your Subject Matter

If one does not know what they are even writing about, a professor can expect to see a lackluster paper. In order to produce a quality essay a student must actually know and understand the topic they are writing about. This requires the student to take extra time into reading material about the given topic to fully develop their ideas onto paper.

Know Your Audience

If a student is writing a paper that will only be read my students in the 5th or 6th grade, they should not write as if to impress a panel of ivy league admissions counselors. Knowing the target demographic in one’s writing will also help immensely in producing the best essay possible.

Write and Re-Write

Before even considering adding the scholarly annotations to one’s writing, a student should just put the pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and start writing. Famous authors throughout history have been known to write every day whether 1,000 words or 100 it did not matter. The best and most fresh ideas sometimes stem from the creative imagination without structure and rules.


Once all of these steps have been accomplished, students can then go forth and write a quality essay. After writing the essay, editing it to make sure that the key points stand out and that others will be able to understand what the topics are will immensely help a student in their quest to write a good essay.


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