A List Of Catchy Persuasive Essay Topics For Kids

When young students are asked to write an essay and a persuasive essay in particular, it's very important that they are enthused about the task. One of the best ways to become enthusiastic about writing a persuasive essay is to choose a topic which is interesting, fun or catchy. The second of course is to find those particular topics.

Remember that in writing a persuasive essay you have to choose one side of an argument. Obviously the argument will have at least two sides and the stronger the beliefs of the people on both sides of the argument; the better and easier it will be for you to develop a persuasive case. You must have evidence. You must have facts to back up your claims.

The worst possible thing you can do is to choose a persuasive essay topic where the subject is shallow. It might be a lightweight topic but it still needs to have depth. In the examples listed below you could well argue that some if not all of the persuasive essay topics are lightweight but they certainly divide opinion. That's the key to a good persuasive essay topic. You need to have a counterargument. And you're right to argue that a seriously good persuasive essay topic will work if you can prove your side of the argument and then disapprove the opposition side.

You can go online to look for catchy persuasive essay topics or you can try some brainstorming to see what you can come up with. Always remember that if you are enthusiastic about the topic you are far more likely to write about it with enthusiasm.

  • It is a fact that the worse a cheese smells the better it tastes.
  • The vast majority of advertisements on television are misleading or untruthful or both.
  • Hotels and nightclubs should provide a bus service for patrons late at night.
  • Romantic scenes in films or on television should always be chaste.
  • Only celebrities should be allowed to become a politician.
  • You can only get a good night sleep if you sleep in your own bed.
  • There should be a law against people wearing certain colours.
  • People who send photos of themselves naked should be fined.
  • Only people who are overweight should be allowed to advertise junk food.
  • The whole world should be on Facebook.

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