Top 10 History Essay Topics to Trigger Your Passion for Writing

One of the problems with history in general is that people consider it dull and boring. This is the result of some extremely poor writing on the part of a number of historians. History can be the most interesting and exciting of topics to write on. You can very easily become a good writer if you have the proper subjects to work with. If you are assigned an essay on something from the past, and you are allowed to pick your own title, here are some history topics you might want to think about before you start writing.

  1. Billy Yank and Johnny Reb. What the common soldier in the American Civil War thought about the war and what they were fighting for.
  2. Liquor as Currency. How moonshine and corn liquor were used in America instead of dollars and cents.
  3. Roosevelt and the Holocaust. Did FDR know what was going on at Auschwitz and did he deliberately ignore it?
  4. Great Britain and Drugs. Did the British Empire actively encourage the sale of opium?
  5. Reaction to the Black Diaspora. Thousands of African-Americans moved north during the early days of the 20th century to escape discrimination. Was any effort made by Southern whites to stop them?
  6. The Prisoner Immigrants to Australia. The early settlers in Australia were actually convicts. How did these former criminals shape the image of Australia?
  7. The Mexican Migration to America. When did the movement of Mexicans into America start and what were the reasons?
  8. Anti-Catholic America. Discuss the Know Nothing Party and the general attitudes of 19th century Americans to Catholic immigrants.
  9. Rock ‘n roll and the Iron Curtain. Explain how modern music and styles helped to bring an end to Communism in Eastern Europe.
  10. Just How Dark Was It? A review of invention and academic achievement in the Middle Ages.

You will discover the past will come alive to you as you research these topics. The essay should contain interesting facts. Most people have no knowledge of beforehand. You may discover that putting words on paper becomes easy for you as you delve into subject matter which has become extremely interesting. In fact, you may want to learn even more about the period of time prevents you originally started to investigate. This is how history can become fascinating. You’ll discover how people lived and how they react to events developing all around them. A desire to write even more may be a consequence of the initial effort.


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