Who Can Do My Essay Writing Assignments For Cheap

Many students suffer from lack of time management which in turn affects getting their homework assignments done in a timely manner. Although parents and teachers can preach to students all day how important it is to be able to balance one’s social life with their academic life, many just do not retain what they are being told. If a student cannot find the time to write their own essay assignment for class, several cheap ways exist for it to get done, such as:

  • Parents
  • Friends
  • Paying Another Student
  • Buckling Down
  • Copy And Paste


If a student is somehow overly lucky and or spoiled, they can convince their parents to write the assignment for them. Children can also find a way to manipulate their parents by convincing them that they just cannot get the words to paper and will help them write the paper. This unfortunately might be the only way for a child to connect with their parents. More than likely however, this will be the most unsuccessful route a student takes.


Every student has that one friend that is more intelligent than everyone else. One of the greatest things about having friends is that no one wants to see a person be more successful than their friend. This allows the slacker to obtain assistance from their friend who would rather do their friend’s work than to see them left behind.

Paying Another Student

Bullying is a frowned upon option, but a student can also convince another to write their paper by paying them a few dollars. This is a good option for both parties because the student gets their writing assignment finished and the writer receives money for their educational ability.

Buckling Down

If worst comes to worst for this student, the cheapest way to do an essay writing assignment is to do it themselves. Although the amount of effort put into this paper will not be of sound quality, at least it gets done without being grounded or having to spend any allowance money.

Copy And Paste

The worst option to take is copy and pasting the material from a website. If a student insists on doing it this way, the only way not to fail is to summarize everything that was copy and pasted and reword it with a few works cited included to not be caught plagiarizing.


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